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One could argue that wire and cable play an essential and significant part in the electrical and electronic industries. Wire and cable
must be present everywhere there is electricity. A wide range of wires and cables are produced by wire and cable      manufacturers
whether it's the underworld, the sea, the bottom, etc.

Any investigation and product development are inextricably linked to the use and transmission of electricity and electromagnetic waves. The application of electricity and electromagnetic waves is integral to the development of all activities as     well     as       the
creation of any technology development and innovation projects. Wire and cable must be   used as   the    connecting,  transmitting
component or as the   mainframe's winding    material    for    the     generation,    transmission,    and    application   of   electrical  and
electromagnetic waves.

AL MAZROUI ICAS LLC is a Belden Preferred Distribution Partner and a Belden Authorized Distributor. Customers that needed unmatched performance and endurance for signal transmission have relied on the Belden brand for more     than     a century. This
trust was developed   in    the      20th century on     the foundation of      high-performance wire and cable goods. Currently, Belden
develops, produces, and markets a wide range of cable, networking, and connectivity solutions for the transmission of signals for
data, sound, and video applications.

Many varied markets, including industrial, enterprise, broadcast, transportation, energy, and consumer electronics, use Belden's
highly differentiating, high-performance Wire & Cable Solutions for Top Performance, Complete Reliability, and   High      Quality. 
For use in computer/networks, CATV, industrial, entertainment, and security applications, Belden® offers more than 3,000 cable
and connectivity components, including fiber optics. Many     varied     markets,     including      industrial,      enterprise,     broadcast,
transportation, energy, and consumer electronics, use Belden's highly differentiating, high-performance solutions.
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