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May 2022 |
 illy coffee was founded in 1933 in Italy by Francesco Illy. This intrinsically Italian coffee roasting company specializes in the production of espresso. The company produces its signature, superior-quality blend of coffee in three roasting degrees: Classico, Intenso, and forte. Decaffeinato is always Classico roasting based. illy coffee always takes care of...
Apr 2022 |
Adapting to the new normal, Herend has launched its 2022 collection digitally on social media. Supporting partners are promoting the new collection locally on their Instagram page, including AL Mazroui Group, the official distributor of Herend Porcelain across the GCC region.Herend annually presents itself at Ambiente Frankfurt international fair where the...
Apr 2022 |
Interior projects transform creative ideas into smarter living or working spaces by adopting new technologies and smarter methods to minimize energy use and decrease emissions. To implement manufacture are putting great effort to design and manufacture devices to fulfill the idea demand. Devised to lend interior design projects an even...