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the one csr the onederworld
Mar 2021 | al mazroui
THE One cares for its staff, its customers and the planet. CSR is an important part of the company’s DNA and is embodied by its sustainable development programme called ‘THE Onederworld’.Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, THE One, home fashion brand of the Al Mazroui Group, strives to make...
Herend's Masters of Porcelain
Feb 2021 | al mazroui
Appreciated by heads of states and aristocracies around the world, Herend luxury porcelain is available in over sixty countries, including the UAE thanks to the Al Mazroui Group. Behind this success lie a high-quality manufacturing technology, a very precise procedure and an extremely skilled workforce who, to this day, still uses ancestral...
#onemakesthedifference illy Aims to be Carbon Neutral by 2033
Feb 2021 | al mazroui
illycaffè has launched the #onemakesthedifference campaign with the objective of becoming carbon neutral by its 100th anniversary, in 2033. The first step is the elimination of about 175 tons of plastic per year. Through the use of the best technologies and research applied to raw materials and production processes, illycaffè...