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Apr 2018 | Al Mazroui
by Habshan Trading Company (HTC) – Your sales guidance counselorWe are all aware that sales imply the communication with those around us, with the targeted publics and all the potential buyers. The issue is that most of the time we just miss correlating the sales process with our personality. Typically...
Apr 2018 | Al Mazroui
Dominating the heights, imperiously towering Dubai’s skyline, striking the sky with its glorious sharp peak, Burj Khalifa is the symbol of nowadays civil construction performance, a world’s reference center.4 ingenious minds imagined the dazzling architecture of the Arabic Peninsula’s beacon which clocks in at an outstanding 828m in height:...
Apr 2018 | Al Mazroui
Chef Markus, how did you fall in love with culinary art?What could actually be the meaning of “in love with the art of cooking”? For me as instance, I just simply like to cook for people. For the past 35 years, I have been cooking especially for very old...