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Mar 2018 | Al Mazroui
With a true passion for interior design, Thomas Lundgren, CEO of THE One Total Home Experience, has been designing home fashion in the Middle East for the past 21 years. A brand known for its exceptional quality, elevated modern style and a value that is always guaranteed.THE One Spring...
Mar 2018 | Al Mazroui
MTGS Oilfield is a division of Al Mazroui Group long founded in the UAE, Libya, and recently in Kuwait for the purpose of serving our customers in the oil and gas industry.MTGS Oilfield provides a true one-stop shop for the facilitation of procurement for maintenance, repair, operating (MRO) and...
Mar 2018 | Al Mazroui
As well as serving its customers and employees, Al Mazroui Engineering Co. (MEC), member of Al Mazroui Group, also makes a contribution to society at large. Especially significant is their commitment to education of younger generation and future engineers. Recently they hosted the Mechanical Engineering Faculty students of New York...