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Delivering Excellence - MAPCO
Oct 2021 | almazroui
The UAE construction market is expanding and expected to further drive market competition from 2022 to onwards. As construction market is progressing the technical services are progressing accordingly. Electromechanical engineering is one of the integral part of construction industry, It’s a technical field that enclose the system that allow building...
FTV Proclad
Sep 2021 | almazroui
FTV Proclad (U.A.E.) L.L.C. is a leader in engineering manufacturing and service with state-of-the-art machines and technology. It is a reliable partner of the oil, gas, power generation and petrochemical industries locally and globally.A Global CompanyProclad was established in 1970 in the United Kingdom...
Travelling at Ease and Speed
Sep 2021 | almazroui
With latest update by IATA most of countries are going to open their borders for international visitors with no restrictions globally while a negative COVID test result would be required within 48 to 72 hours prior departure , subject health and safety standards.UAE travelers can look forward to travel overseas...