Etihad Rail Stage 2 - AM Infra is on track

Jun 2022 |
AM Infrathe Abu Dhabi-based division of Al Mazroui Trading and General Services LLC, established in 2018, specializes in equipment, tools, and services for maintenance and construction in the Railway Industry in close cooperation with reputable partners and principals, mainly from Europe.

AM Infra acts as an agent, service provider, or distributor of machinery, components, system solutions, and services as well as cooperates/coordinates with contractors for small and medium-size railway projects.

The main customers are Etihad Rail, Dubai Metro, SAR, and JV’s in track construction not only in UAE but for the GCC whole region.


After Stage One, which is operational since 2016 and has proven to be a success story by transporting huge amounts of granulated Sulphur to Ruwais, in 2020 Etihad Rail started tendering several packages for track construction, rolling stock, and maintenance machinery in order to facilitate rail-bound goods transport between cities and ports across the UAE.


Etihad Rail is working at an accelerated pace to complete Stage Two of the UAE National Rail Network, currently, 70% of the project is already finished

Etihad Rail Stage Two plays a key role in the country's infrastructure as will considerably reduce traffic caused by heavy-duty lorries.


The development of railway infrastructure in the UAE comes in line with AM Infras’ goals of being a reliable and sustainable partner of railway organizations in the region, especially the UAE.


Such effort is supported by continuous extension of the AM Infra product portfolio which will ensure sustainable growth and profitability.


By provision of professional and reliable services to the UAE railway organizations, AM Infra is proud to take its part in supporting the UAE’s economic growth and consolidating its leading position also in the future.
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