company overview

Al Mazroui Group has steadily grown from its foundation in 1974 as a reliable business partner, aiming to equally meet the clients’ and collaborators’ expectations at the highest standards across diversified sectors such as trade, industry and services.

Committed to traditional business ethics, Al Mazroui Group channels its best efforts to serve as example of professionalism by delivering excellence at every moment and continuously proving quality and integrity on the market and in the community.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Al Mazroui Group covers worldwide operations together with local as well as international manufacturers and suppliers from USA, EU, Africa and Asia, driving optimal performance in industrial technology, consultancy services, home fashion, HORECA, tourism, real estate, IT and logistics.

The success of Al Mazroui Group lies in the proactive focus on the needs of the market, with a responsive and quick adaptation to the latest requirements and innovations while promoting values of integrity, responsibility, effective communication and respect for the rules that must govern the management processes and correct behaviour in business, as defined in the “Principles of International Business” released in Switzerland in 1994 and not only.

Al Mazroui Group makes the difference through its high class “know-how” and the ability to work effectively on the market in accordance with applicable legislation, commercial rules and traditions established.

Through the role of partner and agent, Al Mazroui Group identifies and provides business opportunities to a global network of organizations seeking business ventures in the region.