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AM Infra is involved in Stage Two of the UAE's railway
Jun 2020 | Al Mazroui
Already involved in the maintenance of UAE's railway and its trains, voestalpine VAE, principal and partner of AM Infra, a company of the Al Mazroui Group, has recently received a letter of award for the second stage of the development.Stage One of the rail network has already been operational...
TRANSCO Awards Al Mazroui Engineering with maintenance and replacement contract
May 2020 | Al Mazroui
TRANSCO has awarded Al Mazroui Engineering with a maintenance and replacement contract for all its locations in the UAE.  Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company (TRANSCO) is responsible for the development, operations and maintenance of high-voltage power and bulk water transmission networks in Abu Dhabi and other locations in the...
Café Bateel by Mazcot Carpentry & Décor UAE
May 2020 | Al Mazroui
Based in Sharjah, Mazcot Carpentry and Décor, a company of the Al Mazroui Group, specialises in the manufacturing and installation of various wood interior decorations for all kinds of properties. Decades of ExpertiseIn 2010, willing to offer its clients the best wood products, Al Mazroui Construction Technology (Mazcot) partnered with...