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Chairman's Start-Of-Year Message 2021
Jan 2021 | al mazroui
Dear Friends, As a new year is starting, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. If there is one lesson we have learned this past year, it is how to face change. Change is inevitable. Be comfortable with a changing environment and gain new knowledge from...
ADNOC Onshore Trusts MTGS Oilfield Division with its Wells
Dec 2020 | al mazroui
MTGS Oilfield Division has been awarded two contracts by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. The Emirati company provides Archer’s high-quality well products to ADNOC Onshore.The oilfield division of Al Mazroui Trading & General Services (MTGS) was founded in Abu Dhabi to serve the local oil and gas industry...
Sweet Dreams with Swede Dreams’ New Mattress
Dec 2020 | al mazroui
 OrthoLatex is Swede Dreams’ brand-new mattress enhanced with natural latex for the best sleep experience possible. Crafted with three different layers for a height of 30 cm, this new product suits every sleeping style to avoid back pain for a peaceful and rejuvenating night.In his Life's Little Instruction Book...