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Jan 2018 | Al Mazroui
 The Ultimate Auto Troubleshooting Solutions - by MTGS Paints DivisionThe repair of plastic parts on motor vehicles has been something of a headache for bodyshops over recent years, replacement rather than repair was the preferred choice. Nowadays more than ever the cost of motor vehicle repairs are escalating thus many...
Jan 2018 | Al Mazroui
Dear friends,Imagine world after 25 years from now. Smart cities everywhere, electric cars or even electric infrastructure, solar energy exploited and used more than oil and gas one, miniaturized mobile phones with the size of an MP3, bionic lens, invisibility capes, reusable paper for printers, 3D TV without glasses...
Dec 2017 | Al Mazroui
Dear friends,Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.What if life would be dull, plain, without dreams, aims, perspectives, plans? I suppose mankind would be no more, no less than a programmed sequence indefinitely repeated. A non-diversity where the joy of living would be a non-sense or at...