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Feb 2018 | Al Mazroui
Economic diversification, one of the fundamental principles for healthy and progressive development, opened up in 2007/2008 the round table in the Government of Abu Dhabi when the Executive Council assessed the growth of UAE based mainly on oil and gas production. That was the key moment when it was decided...
Feb 2018 | Al Mazroui
What would life be if we couldn’t take delight in what our senses bring every day, revealing the world without barriers, in its entire splendor?Imagine life without sight, hearing, smell, taste or touch. Imagine wonderful things around that you cannot feel, with whom you wouldn’t be able to truly...
Feb 2018 | Al Mazroui
Mazroui Construction Technology (MAZCOT), member of Al Mazroui Group, a renowned general contractor in the building construction sector announced the successful implementation of the latest ePROMIS ERP to capitalize on growth opportunities. The ERP project sign-off event was held in Abu Dhabi with delegates from ePROMIS Middle East & Africa...