Summer Planting In The UAE

Jul 2022 |

Weather in UAE is never moderate during the summer or winter, but summer is the hot shinny, and longer season of the UAE, and the temperature goes high from sunrise till sunset. Desert weather is a little different from other areas of the world since June to September are the hot months when the temperature always hovers above 48 degrees Celsius. Those who are not acquainted with such high temperatures should take enough care.

Summer Is A Great Time To Sow The Seeds 

The case is not the same for the plants, in fact, June or July is a great time to sow seeds and young plants, as both air and soil temperatures are high so the plants get off to a good start. Bear in mind that dry periods and drought can inhibit plant growth, due to the lack of moisture in the soil, so you may need to be on hand to provide extra water when necessary.

Lots of vegetable and flower seeds can be sown in June & July, either to crop or bloom within a few weeks or – in the case of biennials like foxgloves – to overwinter for the following summer. Seeds of flowering annuals sown in June & July will provide a splash of color in late summer to autumn after many others have finished blooming.

Outdoor Plants

Some outdoor plants like FLAME TREE, FRANGIPANI, TROPICAL HIBISCUS, DATE PALMS, BOUGAINVILLEA, CYCLAMEN, WITCH HAZEL, and HELLEBORE are the best plants to grow in summer based on their hot habitat which keep them flourish despite extreme sun heat. Along with herbs and plants, some flowers can add more glow habitually to your garden and balcony.

Many fresh herbs like mint, oregano, lemon balm, and coriander are well-suited for domestic indoor life to thrive. Many fresh herbs such as thyme, parsley, and basil are outdoor grown plants easily due to their need for heat, making them suitable for growing in the UAE.

Your garden can flourish with small vegetables, flowers, and some herbs in the summer of the UAE. Mazcot Landscape Division, a sub-company of Al Mazroui Group based in Abu Dhabi is providing its expertise for all Landscape solutions from designing to plant nurseries.

In past, the company has delivered several successful projects while some projects are in pipeline.  Mazcot Landscape provides indoor plant maintenance and caring advice for your home or business. The company guarantees to keep supplied plants healthy-looking with a one-month replacement warranty. 

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