AM Infra is involved in Stage Two of the UAE's railway

UAE's Railway: AM Infra on Track for Stage Two

Jun 2020 | Al Mazroui
Already involved in the maintenance of UAE's railway and its trains, voestalpine VAE, principal and partner of AM Infra, a company of the Al Mazroui Group, has recently received a letter of award for the second stage of the development.

Stage One of the rail network has already been operational since 2016. The route spreads over 264 km and enables the transport of granulated sulphur from sources at Shah and Habshan to the processing and export point, at Ruwais. 

Established in 2018, AM Infra is involved in the maintenance of the already existing railway network and its trains. It provides products and services for the transportation sector in the UAE, in cooperation with reputable partners and principals, mainly from Europe.

The Abu Dhabi-based company  supplies different kinds of materials, such as: embedded track solutions, slab track systems, buffer stops, ballast mats and thermit welding material. Considered a reliable partner by different railway organisations in the country, AM Infra is a registered supplier of material and services with Etihad Rail - Deutsche Bahn, the operator of the existing network. 

Stage Two will extend the Emirati railway by a further 605 kilometres, from the Saudi border, in the west, to Fujairah, on the east coast. The extension of the network is expected to play a key role in the country's infrastructure, considerably reducing traffic caused by heavy duty lorries. Train transport is expected to be more cost effective and environmentally friendly than road transport. 

Voestalpine, one of AM Infra's many reputable partners, was recently awarded to supply turnouts for Packages B, C and D of Stage Two. This Austrian company is a global leader for railway infrastructure system solutions. It offers outstanding products, logistics and services for rails, turnouts, signalling and monitoring applications. 

Negotiations around the remaining packages for freight facilities and a large depot are ongoing and the awards are expected in the coming months. Another tender for track maintenance machinery should be entrusted later this year. The Al Mazroui company will bid with its Austrian principal Plasser & Theurer, a global leader in the industry. Moreover, AM Infra is already evaluating the railway specific services and support needed in the future, in terms of maintenance and spare part supply. 

Despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, Stage Two is moving forward with high priority. Next step for AM Infra: expanding its activities to neighbouring countries.
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