Is Your Mattress Over You?

Sep 2019 | Al Mazroui
O bed! O bed! delicious bed! That heaven upon earth to the weary head.”  If your bed is not as heavenly as Thomas Hood’s was, maybe it’s time for a change.

Signs the End Might Be Near

Yes, even the best mattress has an expiration date. However, you won’t see it mentioned on the cover. This is why we have investigated with the help of Swede Dreams. Part of the Al Mazroui Group, the company is an ISO certified mattress manufacturer. Its mission is to introduce Swedish sleep traditions and expertise to the Middle East. The company offers a collection of made in UAE mattresses that meet high international standards to ensure superb comfort and long-lasting quality. The Emirati brand supplies mattresses to luxury hotels and retailers within the UAE and overseas. It also has a factory outlet showroom for local customers in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi.

According to Swede Dreams’ experts, a mattress has a life expectancy of five to ten years. However, everything depends on the mattress’ quality and its use. Besides, the mattress and the box spring or foundation slowly wear down over time so that you don’t easily feel the changes. However, your body may already be asking you for a new mattress, so listen closely to what it’s telling you. The Better Sleep Council (BSC) points out the following warnings:

·       you wake up with stiffness, numbness, aches and pains

·       you got a more restful night somewhere other than your own bed (such as at a hotel)

·       your mattress shows visible signs of wear and tear (it sags, has visible tearing, ripping, holes or damage)

·       you are usually tired even after a full night’s sleep.

The BSC also recommends “to compare your mattress and foundation to newer models every few years to see if there is a set that feels better to you and offers features you may not have needed or looked for in the past.” Founded in 1978, the organisation is the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association dedicated to educating people about the crucial relationship between sleep, health and quality of life.

Moreover, according to Michael J. Breus aka “The Sleep Doctor”, with time, our bodies change in ways that affect what we need from our mattresses. He explains that “gaining and losing weight, shifting levels of fitness, pregnancy, and conditions such as back pain or neck pain are all factors that can mean your old mattress no longer works effectively for you.” Seen as a reference on sleep related issues in the United States, Dr. Breus offers clinical expertise to industry audiences, as well as personal advice to the public.

Secret Tip from Swede Dreams

If you don’t have the budget to change your mattress right now, a cheaper alternative would be to purchase a brand new mattress topper, also called mattress pad. They provide great comfort, usually last three years and cost less.

If you feel it’s time to part ways with your mattress, contact Swede Dreams’ experts or visit its showroom in Musaffah.
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