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Mazcot Carpentry & Décor: The Wood Experts

May 2020 | Al Mazroui
Based in Sharjah, Mazcot Carpentry and Décor, a company of the Al Mazroui Group, specialises in the manufacturing and installation of various wood interior decorations for all kinds of properties. 

Decades of Expertise

In 2010, willing to offer its clients the best wood products, Al Mazroui Construction Technology (Mazcot) partnered with Al Fahed Décor. Founded in 1992, this Beirut-based carpentry had already established its reputation in Lebanon. Indeed, for decades, it had contributed to major projects in the country such as the famous Mohammed Al-Amin Mosque, one of Beirut’s most famous and impressive landmarks.

Thanks to Al Fahed Décor’s expertise, Mazcot launched its own carpentry under the name ‘Mazcot Carpentry and Décor’ (Mazcot C&D). Based in Sharjah, the company is able to meet the needs of private customers as well as the demands of contractors. In ten years, the carpentry has managed to develop a robust dealership network across the UAE. It has been delivering various projects from intricately crafted wooden doors for villas to complete wooden fit-out for offices and commercial units.

The company’s highly skilled interior designers and managers help and guide their clientèle to decide amongst a vast range of styles, colours, finishes and accessories for the best customised options.

A Resolutely Modern Carpentry

With the assistance of computer-generated layouts and perspectives, the enterprise has opted for digitalisation to help its customers visualise their dream décor. Moreover, Mazcot C&D is maintaining a management control system to track orders through each phase of the production process. The Emirati company has thus the ability to constantly update its customers and deliver quality products on time. 

To secure more projects for the carpentry and to expand in Dubai, I-ONE Interiors, an interior design contractor was established in 2018. I-ONE has since been able to deliver full turnkey projects for prestigious clients in the UAE, such as Ferrero, providing them with Mazcot C&D’s wood expertise.

Mazcot Carpentry and Décor is committed to have the best quality of products in the market and to offer an A to Z solution for every project. The company will accompany its clients from selecting the right design and finishes through production, delivery, installation and afterwork service. 

Carpentry, interior design and landscaping, Mazcot has become a true 360 enterprise, able to handle any property project from start to finish.
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