Saeed Al Mazroui – vision of life, motivations, business operations, challenges

Sep 2017 | Al Mazroui
Industry interview for IBIS & Bodyshop Magazine

A passionate of life with all its experiences, spirited businessman and responsible descendant of Mazroui family, Saeed Al Mazroui, General Operations Manager of Al Mazroui Group, is also a fan of cars, for him “driving, engineering, design, all that you can do with a car” representing an art.

Graham Threlfall, Development Director of IBIS & Bodyshop Magazine - the leading automotive accident repair media resource, deepened briefly his personality in an interview, trying to bring to light for the readers Saeed Al Mazroui’s way of being and interpreting life, along with his understanding of doing business.

Insights about the market and challenges for the automotive repair sector have been exposed to readers’ analysis.
Read the full interview in Bodyshop Magazine by following the link below (copy / paste in your browser): 

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