“Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind”

Jan 2022 |
An amazing quote by Morty Rubin for the people who really like traveling to its extent and living to the fullest.

Winter is a busy season of outbound & inbound travel for the UAE. Expats and residents travel for holidays or to visit family or friends as well as tourists visit UAE every year.  In 2021, after a big relief from pandemic restrictions, travelers can plan a safe trip again despite the outbreak of the new coronavirus variant Omicron. 

The latest news for the new variant is in the air but learning from the past, UAE authorities have already taken care of the matter and introduced additional safety standards. People can't stop traveling so authorities came with the idea to increase safety measures instead of shutting down the borders. 

Countries have updated their safety rules and regulations for travelers to enter the country across the globe. UAE Airlines and Authorities strictly advised to travellers for checking the requirements of the destination country before planning a trip. Each country has its own set of requirements when it comes to safety. 

COVID-19 PCR test requirements are the same as for departure or arrival to and from UAE. We all know travel updates are fluctuating and can be changed anytime due to Covid emergencies that arise. Before planning a trip check your eligibility with the destination country to meet the required documents.

Abu Dhabi offers a lot of quarantine-free places for travelers to plan their next trip if they are vaccinated so let’s make a vacation trip to enjoy the season, for non-vaccinated travelers case is not the same.

MICCO Travel is one of the experts in the travel and tourism industry working under the umbrella of Al Mazroui Group who is working round the clock to guide travelers in planning a safe trip to and from UAE. 

MICCO Travel will continue to offer very attractive travel packages to enjoy the winter season with your loved ones. So, let us take a break and explore new horizons.  


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