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Aug 2018 | Al Mazroui
The world’s leading manufacturer of UV light-curing glass-fiber reinforced hose liners and UV equipment.The RELINE Group is a leading manufacturer of trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies.With an annual production of over 2,500,000 feet, the RELINE UV®-Group has developed into a leading provider of UV light-curing glass-fiber reinforced...
Jul 2018 | Al Mazroui
Once upon a time Vienna used to be just a beautiful wild landscape where the Viennese fishermen lived their lives in simple wooden huts, sharing their existence between daily sailing in the blue waves of the grandiose river and evening stories told around the warming ovens.It is said that...
Jul 2018 | Al Mazroui
Unique worldwide Ronnefeldt TeaMaster Program enjoys great acclaim in the UAE marketsSuccess endorses Ronnefeldt’s promotion of Hotel Service ManagementBrought in UAE by Shura TradingThe unique Ronnefeldt TeaMaster® Program has been in operation since 2003. Service personnel from the best hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and other relevant...